Samaria has got the well tested and proven date of 1844. There is however, a date 1799 attributed to its founding because there was an alleged Congregation referred to as “African”, consisting of purely Africans with a Revd. Ede Nylander leading those recaptives. Between 1792 and 1800 there were only indigenous people and “settlers” in the settlement. The liberated Africans only started settling in Freetown from 1808. All the other factors given about this “African” Congregation point more or less to the “Maroons” of 1800 (not 1799), who built the St. John’s Maroon Church within a proximity nearest the Museum location of Siaka Stevens Street, which is cited by the Samaria Church exponents as their landmark, and is claimed for the Samaria origin; and the 1808 date of St. John’s Maroon appears much likely as the other conjectural basis given, as evident of the earlier than 1844 historical establishment of the Samaria Church. Unfortunately history cannot thrive for long on conjectures, but on facts. It may be conclusively proved that the reference to the 1799 history as the founding date of Samaria is based on unquestionable authentically attested documents that are yet to be produced, to silence all speculations, and objections.

Taking into consideration the aims and objectives of the League, if continues to support ambitious but less privileged school going children of our society. It continues to participate in several developmental activities of the society, such as the re-electrification of the church during the reconstruction of the church’s concrete gallery.

The League recently gave a helping hand to a sister society, the Johnson Memorial W.A.M. Church, at Bassa Town, Waterloo, which included the construction of a steel front door and windows for the whole church and participated in the unveiling and rededication ceremony at a church service held on Sunday 8th June, 2008

Finally the League spare-headed another major project of this society as part of our Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2009.

Meet some of Our Members

Bro. Victor F. Janjue-Browne

Samaria J-D Chief Coordinator

Rev. Solomon Campbell

Circuit Superintendent

Bro. Victor F. Ojukutu-Macauley

J2J Chief Coordinator


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